Sitemap - 2021 - Jonah’s Deep Dives on Small/Mid Caps

Deep dive writeup on Global-e ($GLBE)

Deep dive writeup on Olaplex ($OLPX)

Deep dive writeup on DLocal ($DLO)

Webcast recording for $DLO (Dlocal)

Next webcast - Thursday at 5pm EST (new stock idea)

Webcast recording for new stock idea

Webcast tonight at 7pm EST (new stock idea)

Webcast recording for $CRWD <> CrowdStrike

Webcast tonight for $CRWD

Webcast recording for $LC (Lending Club)

Webcast recording for $ZIM (Zim Shipping)

Webcast tonight at 7pm EST = $ZIM Shipping

Webcast recording for $STEM

Webcast recording from last night: $SE

Webinar recording from last night: $AFRM

Webcast recording for $SWAV (Shockwave) and $GLBE (Global-e)

Webcast recording from last night (11/19) for $DMTK and $SOFI plus registration links for the next 6 webcasts

Webcast recording from November 17th ($UPST and $CELH)

Pushing back the webinars by 2 days

Quarterly earnings webinars next week

FinTwit Conference - general session video

Portfolio update with charts plus free access to my Stocktwits room until year end

6 of my favorite stock charts - $AFRM $DLO $S $AMD $SNAP $CELH

$AFRM - Affirm

$SWAV - Shockwave Medical

$SNAP -- Snapchat

Update on my Substack -- we are building a research/writing team to bring even more value

Interviews with RJ Pittman (CEO of $MTTR) and J.Mintzmyer (shipping industry analyst)

Two interviews this Friday for paid members only

Quarterly portfolio update

$STEM interview and quarterly update webinar on Friday

Interview with Anthony Noto, CEO of $SOFI


FinTwit Conference: October 8-10 in Orlando, FL

$SOFI - SoFi Technologies

Interview with Dr. Laura Niklason, CEO of Humacyte and Rajiv Shukla from Alpha Healthcare SPAC ($AHAC)

My new stock ideas: $OZON $FRHC $LTCH $EOLS $ZIM $OPRA

Q3 FinTwit stock contest + $UPST


Interview with Ric Fulop, CEO of Desktop Metal ($DM)

Interview with Ric Fulop, CEO of Desktop Metal ($DM)

Interview with Arthur Chen, CFO of $FUTU

Quick update on $ATER

Quick update on $CELH

$DRIO - DarioHealth

New writeup delayed

Recent interviews

Update on $FUTU (Futu Holdings)

Update on $DM (Desktop Metal)

Update on $ATER (Aterian)

Update on $DMTK (DermTech)

Update on $CELH (Celsius Holdings)

Update on $UPST (Upstart)

Interview with Jack Blount, CEO of Intrusion ($INTZ)

$UPST discussion plus Q&A on Twitter Spaces

Jonah on Twitter Spaces with Wolf Financial

$DM - Desktop Metal

Interviews with CEOs of $SFT and $LFMD

Interview with Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming ($EGLX)

Webcast for Substack subscribers

Webcast for Substack subscribers

Interview with Tony DiMatteo, CEO of ($TDAC)

$INTZ - Intrusion

Interview with Dr. Jennifer Bath, CEO of ImmunoPrecise ($IPA)

Presentation: Opportunities in small cap growth investing

$CLPT - ClearPoint Neuro

Investing for Beginners webinar plus $UPST and $DRIO interviews

$CELH - Celsius

$AEYE - AudioEye

$APPH interview and SPAC-MANIA

Interview with John Fieldly, CEO of Celsius ($CELH)

Interview with Yaniv Sarig, Founder & CEO of Mohawk Group ($MWK)

Interview with John Dobak, CEO of DermTech ($DMTK)

Interviews, Webinars and Fintrics

Interview with Kurt Workman, Founder & CEO of Owlet ($SBG)

Interview with CEO of Zynex ($ZYXI)

$APPH - AppHarvest

Interview with Dee Choubey, Founder & CEO of MoneyLion (aka $FUSE)

Interview with Dee Choubey, Founder & CEO of MoneyLion

$SBG - Owlet Baby Care

Zoom chat with Jonah, Puru and Brian

Webinar recording from February 18th

Live webinar on Thursday, February 18th for paid subscribers

$FUSE - MoneyLion

$TMDX - TransMedics

Webcast for $TMDX

$TMDX - TransMedics

$PRCH - Porch Group -

$INSP - Inspire Medical

$DMTK - Dermtech

$DMTK - DermTech

Substack billing confusion

$BAND - Bandwidth

Announcement on my Substack newsletter

$MMYT - MakeMyTrip

FinTwit Stock Picking Contest